LLife Stories

Santhosh – A Living Miracle

Children's Homes, Projects

Doctors said Santosh wouldn’t survive. At the age of 7, he had developed blood clots all over his body. Even after surgery, the clots returned and spread close to his brain. Santhosh’s single mother, struggling to feed her 3 boys doing housework, could have lost her youngest son. But living in an Inter-Mission Boy’s Home at the time saved Santhosh’s life.

Malini – A Budding Tailor

Projects, Women's Empowerment

In Malini’s village near Alamathi, Chennai, once a girl is married, she is confined to the village and her household duties.

Ravi – Tsunami Home

Disaster Relief

*Ravi & his brother Kumar joined an Inter-Mission home opened specially for children affected by the Tsunami in 2006

Ramya and Malliga

Children's Homes

*Ramya (R) & Malliga (L) lost their father to sickness at a very young age. Unable to find a job, provide food, or care for the family, their mother also committed suicide by burning herself.