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They were lonely, neglected, malnourished orphans when they were taken into an Inter-Mission Children’s Home in Chennai.

*Ramya (R) & Malliga (L) lost their father to sickness at a very young age. Unable to find a job, provide food, or care for the family, their mother also committed suicide by burning herself. Their eldest sister was married off, leaving Ramya and Malliga in the care of an aunt, who herself was a single parent of two without any income.

Ramya and Malliga wondered why this was happening to them, and why God allowed such terrible tragedy in their lives. But when Inter-Mission took them into a Children’s Home, they found joy and hope again.

“We are happy here; we have food, shelter, clothes, and everything that we need. Our care givers take good care of us, and we have good friends. We know that Jesus is good to us. He loves us. We are not lonely anymore, our Heavenly Father supplies all our needs. We are grateful to Inter-Mission, its leaders, and our sponsors. We love our family – Inter-Mission family!”