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Doctors said Santosh wouldn’t survive. At the age of 7, he had developed blood clots all over his body. Even after surgery, the clots returned and spread close to his brain. Santhosh’s single mother, struggling to feed her 3 boys doing housework, could have lost her youngest son. But living in an Inter-Mission Boy’s Home at the time saved Santhosh’s life.

In 1996, Santhosh’s mother, Premila, faced a tough predicament. Her husband had deserted her, leaving her alone with 3 sons, one of whom was mentally challenged from birth. With no other family support in her own village and constant attack of witchcraft against her family, Premila moved to a different village and tried to earn a living doing house work. But Premila found that her earnings were barely enough to feed 3 growing, ever-hungry boys, let alone provide an education and cover all their basic needs.

Premila was grateful when she heard about a home for boys from underprivileged backgrounds and broken homes run by Inter-Mission India. She admitted Santhosh, the youngest and biggest eater of her boys, in the home when he was 5 years old. As it turned out, that was the best decision she could have made!


Not long after, Santhosh was diagnosed with a rare condition that was life-threatening. Blood clots covered his body and returned despite surgery in one of India’s best hospitals, CMC Vellore. The doctors didn’t offer much hope, but Santhosh’s home parents at the Inter-Mission Home did not give up. They ensured he was treated by the best doctors at the hospital, all the while praying and caring for him as their own son.

Santhosh underwent a second surgery, and much to the doctors’ surprise, made a full recovery in perfect health! Under the special care and attention of his home parents, Santhosh regained his physical strength and, back at the home, discovered a family that loved him and provided all his needs. He enjoyed fun and games with other boys his age, and never went hungry. In fact, every meal Santhosh had was not only nutritious, but prepared and served with the special ingredient of love.

at-home-with-otherchildren-2Santhosh also began to excel at school. His home parent, being a teacher herself, was able to coach him in good English and help him with all his homework. She also taught him good manners, values, and life skills that developed his personality and boosted his confidence.

Santhosh went on to complete his higher secondary schooling, scoring 90% and also completed his Bachelors in Commerce successfully. Today, Santhosh is nearing completion of a Chartered Accountancy course, ready to become a Chartered Accountant, and begin supporting his family and others like himself. He is completely healthy, confident, and a living miracle!

Looking back, Santhosh remains grateful to God, Inter-Mission India, his home parents, and his sponsors. He knows that without them and the role each of them played in his life, he would not be alive today!