Children's Homes

Inter-Mission India’s Children’s Homes care for children from very poor backgrounds and broken families, who are either orphans or children of single parents. These children would normally turn to the streets or find themselves in highly vulnerable situations if not for the timely intervention of Inter-Mission.

boys_groupAt the Children’s Homes, children are given holistic care, which includes safe living accommodation, nutritionally balanced food, constant health care, recreational and cultural activities, counselling, personality development, mentoring, life-coping skills and quality education along with uniforms, clothes, and books.

Children with special needs are also given the same opportunities as other children, while special care is provided for them. IMI raises funds specially towards all necessary health expenses and ensures the well-being of the child.

Every home has a homely atmosphere with good facilities. Most importantly, the children receive much needed love and care from trained home parents who care for the children as their own. The home parents are given regular counselling and training in order to ensure high standards of care for the children. Inter-Mission conducts Staff Development Programs for all home parents and staff of partner organisations, which includes child care, health care, nutrition, and child psychology.

imi_home_collageOnce the children complete their schooling, they are encouraged to pursue higher education in reputed colleges & universities with continued financial support from Inter-Mission India. Inter-Mission also has tie-ups with training institutions for vocational training, community colleges, and professional courses.

Understanding that children from the homes transitioning into young adults in the world have different needs and requirements, Inter-Mission India plans to provide such students with separate boarding facilities in the near future, thereby offering them a safe environment with good facilities and the required support structure to study and excel in while they learn to be independent and face life’s challenges boldly.

One of the additional initiatives that Inter-Mission India undertakes in support of the girl child is to help girls from the homes who have completed their studies and are at a marriageable age, by supporting them in finding suitable life partners, sponsoring their marriages, and seeing them well settled.

Many children from Inter-Mission India’s homes are now well placed in some of India’s prominent companies, and some have also started their own businesses. Inter-Mission is incredibly proud of its alumni who have not only excelled in life, but are now able to support the organization in various ways themselves. It is a great joy to see that the investment made in their lives doesn’t stop with them, but is passed on through them to the community at large.

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